what comes with ultimate edition fifa 22

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How do the FIFA 22 editions compare?

Feature FIFA 22 standard edition FIFA 22 Ultimate edition
Early Access No Four days' early access
FIFA Points No 4600 FIFA Points
Team of the Week 1 Player item Yes Yes
Career Mode Homegrown talent Yes Yes
Jun 6 2022

What do I get in FIFA 22's Ultimate Edition?
  • FIFA 22 game for PS4 and PS5 (Dual Entitlement)
  • TOTW 1 Player — a FUT card representing one of the in-form players from that week.
  • Kylian Mbappe Loan Item — usage of the PSG star in a limited amount of FUT games.
Dec 24, 2021

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Is the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition worth purchasing?

We always speculate each year whether buying the fancier version of games is worth the money that developers ask for them, and FIFA 22 will come under the microscope once more for the same reasons. Via EA’s official website, here is what FIFA 22 will be offering if you op to go with the Ultimate Edition: FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition

When does FIFA 22 officially come out?

when does the fifa 22 web app come out? According to EA Sports, the FIFA 22 Web App release date has been set for Wednesday, September 22, 2021. A message on the official FIFA site adds: “The FUT Web App and other FIFA Web features are down for maintenance while we prepare for FIFA 22.

When will FIFA 22 be on Game Pass?

FIFA 22 should be available on Game Pass at some point in May 2022. FIFA 21 was added to EA Play and Game Pass in May 2021, so it would make sense to see FIFA 22 hit Game Pass at a similar time next year, providing EA play continues to be a part of the Game Pass library.

How to get the Prime Gaming pack FIFA 22?

Here’s how to claim the Prime Gaming Pack in FIFA 22:

  • Sign up for an Amazon Prime Gaming trial, or full account
  • Link your EA Sports and Twitch accounts.
  • Make sure you Amazon Prime account is active by going to Links in your Twitch account settings.
  • Claim your Pack from the Prime Gaming FIFA 22 Loot page.
  • Launch FIFA 22, load into FUT, and select My Packs to redeem it.


What does Ultimate Edition FIFA 21 include?

Pre-order* the FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition after August 14th and receive: 3 days Early Access (play from October 6) Career Mode Homegrown Talent (local youth prospect with world-class potential) Up to 24 FUT 21 Rare Gold Packs (2 per week for 12 weeks)

What is included in FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition?

PRE-ORDER the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition and receive: Play from September 24th with 3 Days Early Access. Up To 24 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Rare Gold Packs (2 Per Week For 12 Weeks) Choose one of five mid-version Loan ICON Items for 5 FUT matches.

Does FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition come with FIFA points?

No, the FIFA Points and everything else that comes bundled with the Ultimate Edition are only available if you pre-order FIFA 22 before the release date. FIFA 22 releases on October 1 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Stadia.

What comes with the Ultimate Edition?

Ultimate Edition featuresLimited-time bonus — An untradeable FUT 21 Ones to Watch item.3 days of early access.Up to 24 Rare Gold Packs, 2 per week for 12 weeks.Cover Star Loan Item, for 5 FUT matches.Career Mode Homegrown Talent — A local youth prospect with world-class potential.More items...•

What is the difference between FIFA 20 standard and Ultimate Edition?

This is a special version of the game; it has additional content such as extra packs, kits, items and players for FIFA Ultimate Team and Volta. For that reason, it's more expensive than the Standard Edition and available in both a physical copy and downloadable version.

Is FIFA Ultimate Team Free?

It's not free, it's just an illusion that it's free. To actually complete an SBC of that cost, you're going to need a significant amount of FUT coins, mainly earned by opening packs and buying FIFA Points with real cash.

Is FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Free?

A free FIFA 22 Ultimate Team PS Plus pack was also on the cards, and now it's redeemable from the PS Store. With some of those glorious blue and gold TOTS cards already out there in the wild, players will be wanting to crack open some packs to see if they can bag one for their Ultimate Team.

What's the difference between FIFA 21 standard and Ultimate Edition?

You also get all the perks of Standard Edition, plus up to 12 Rare Gold Packs. Ultimate Edition – For the real serious players the top-spec option is the Ultimate Edition which gives players up to 24 Rare Gold Packs with the purchase.

How do I claim my FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition?

You must redeem your single-use code (if a code is required), log in to FIFA Ultimate Team (“FUT"), and create a Career Mode save while connected to EA servers (together these steps are referred to as “redeem”) to access your Ultimate Edition content (an untradeable Ones to Watch Player Item, 4,600 FIFA Points, an ...

What is the difference between Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition FIFA 21?

While the Champions Edition has more to it than the standard edition, it is not as comprehensive in its offering as the Ultimate Edition, which offers early access and FUT items. Kylian Mbappe is the cover star for all three editions, a change from earlier games which featured a different player on each.

What's the difference between FIFA Standard and Ultimate?

Unlike the Standard Edition of FIFA 22, the Ultimate Edition includes both previous-gen and current-gen console versions of the game. Players are set to receive multiple digital extras if they had pre-ordered the digital-only Ultimate Edition on or before August 14.

Can you upgrade from FIFA 22 Standard Edition to Ultimate Edition?

You can cancel or refund the FIFA22 Standard version and buy the FIFA 22 Ultimate edition. As far as I know there is no way to upgrade. You can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase if there is less than 2 hours of play time across all accounts (family and personal).

UEFA Europa League round of 16 draw: times, TV, watch online

Fans of the EA Sports FIFA 22 game have October 1 2021 highlighted in their calendars as this year's version of the iconic video game gets its global release.

Standard vs Ultimate editions

There will be two versions of the game for fans to select with a Standard Edition and an Ultimate Edition and which comes with a series of bonus features.

Pre-order FIFA 22 and pricing

The game can be purchased digitally or in physical format with a series of outlets offering a pre-order service:

How much does FIFA 22 cost?

This year, the Standard Edition of FIFA 22 will cost $59.99 or $69.99 in the U.S., depending on the console.

What do I get in FIFA 22's Standard Edition?

The Standard Edition is FIFA 22's base version, which can be purchased for use on both generations of PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) and Xbox (One or Series X/S). There is also a PC version.

What do I get in FIFA 22's Ultimate Edition?

The Ultimate Edition is FIFA 22's most expensive version and has extra features compared to the Standard Edition while also being playable across the same platforms.

What about FIFA 22's Legacy Edition?

There is one other edition, the Legacy Edition, but it's only available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch console for $39.99.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition and its bonus rewards

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition is now available for players to buy from the EA store. It was released at 8.30 PM IST on September 26 in India. Users with Ultimate Edition pre-orders are gifted with bonuses, FIFA Points, Loan Items, and loads of FUT bonuses.

What is new in Fifa 22?

The latest version of Electronic Arts' annualized football simulation game, published under the EA Sports banner, will feature exclusive ML inputs along with interesting new improvisations such as hyper motion technology's integration.

Release date

The official release date for all versions of FIFA 22 is October 1. It cannot be played until that date. However, to avoid waiting and to be able to play the game as soon as midnight arrives, players who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition can download it early. Here's when they can download it:


The Standard Edition of FIFA 22 retails for about $60 USD ($70 for next-gen), as almost all new video games do. However, with so many bonuses and rewards, the Ultimate Edition costs a bit more. It retails for approximately $100 USD, with some places selling it for up to $120.


There are several rewards to entice players to spend the few extra dollars to buy the Ultimate Edition, including:

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