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FIFA 22’s Strongest Players

Player Club Strength Overall Rating
Adebayo Akinfenwa Wycombe Wanderers 97 65
Daryl Dike Orlando City FC 96 68
Tomáš Petrášek Raków Częstochowa 96 67
Romelu Lukaku Chelsea 95 88
Jun 13 2022

Highest Potential Wonderkids in FIFA 22
Highest Potential Wonderkids in FIFA 22
Kylian Mbappe2291
Erling Haaland2088
Gigi Donnarumma2289
Phil Foden2184
48 more rows
May 17, 2022

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Who are the best players to get in FIFA 22?

Mr. Coverboy is of course also the biggest forward talent in FIFA 22: Kylian Mbappé is simply the high-flyer par excellence. The great thing is that his contract expires in 2022 – you still have to pay a lot, but you get him at market value and the better you negotiate, the cheaper he is.

What do I need to buy to play FIFA 22?


What should you expect from FIFA 22?

You should definitely keep in mind that in FIFA 22, there is dynamic potential again. This means that if you consistently train a player with an A ranking and let him play a lot (and have him play well), he can even exceed his actual potential.

Which players are missing from FIFA 22’s best wingers list?

FIFA 22 features so many talented wingers that we’ve granted them their own separate category this year, and again some notable young names miss out: Rodrygo (Real Madrid), Pedro Goncalves (Sporting CP) and Takefusa Kubo (Mallorca, on loan from Real Madrid) all have potential OVRs of 88.


Who is the most used player in FIFA 22?

Year in Review: Most Popular FUT Players in FIFA 22Gianluigi Donnarumma – Rare Gold – 89 OVR – 19,5 Mil.N'Golo Kanté – Rare Gold – 90 OVR – 16,7 Mil. ... Achraf Hakimi – Rare Gold – 85 OVR – 16,4 Mil. ... Ferland Mendy – Rare Gold – 83 OVR – 15,2 Mil. ... Vinicius Jr. – ... Lionel Messi – Rare Gold – 93 OVR – 13,8 Mil. ... More items...•

Which formation is best in FIFA 22?

Best FIFA 22 formation – Custom tactics for FUT Champs We'd have to say that undoubtedly the best formation you can run in FIFA 22 this year is the 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow) as it allows you to really change up your game and dominate your opponent.

Is 433 good in FIFA 22?

433 Flat is considered as a safe attacking formation where you have three attackers and a flat defensive line. This formation utilizes wingers and allows them to play right up close to the touchline. The 433 is fantastic for those players who prefer to make use of crossing the ball from these positions.

Why is 442 a good formation?

The 4-4-2, when effectively used, can be one of the most defensive formations. The four defenders and midfielders can line up in two walls, one in front of the 18-yard box, and another in just before the half-way line, a tactic famously known as Two Banks of Four.

FIFA 22 best young goalkeepers

No surprise to see Gianluigi Donnarumma top this list: he did the very same in FIFA 21, and that was before going on to claim the Euro 2020 player of the tournament award. Still, your career mode club is never going to afford PSG’s £198 million release clause, nor the Italian’s £96K per week wage.

FIFA 22 best young defenders

An incredibly strong mix of full-backs and centre-halves here, from which Sporting CP left-back Nuno Mendes narrowly misses out. The 19-year-old’s overall rating can accelerate all the way from 78 to 88 – and you can purchase him immediately, despite being on loan to Paris St Germain in real life.

FIFA 22 best young midfielders

No spot on this list for the ultra-talented likes of Federico Valverde (Real Madrid), Mason Mount (Chelsea), Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) or Nicolo Barella (Inter Milan) – but it’s worth noting that they too have potential ratings of 89.

FIFA 22 best young wingers

FIFA 22 features so many talented wingers that we’ve granted them their own separate category this year, and again some notable young names miss out: Rodrygo (Real Madrid), Pedro Goncalves (Sporting CP) and Takefusa Kubo (Mallorca, on loan from Real Madrid) all have potential OVRs of 88.

FIFA 22 best young strikers

Yep, being under 24 still just about qualifies Richarlison and Gabriel Jesus as FIFA 22 wonderkids – although there are more affordable, better-value names to spend your career mode monies on. The two names in the middle are the ones to hone in on.

Is there a career mode in FIFA 22?

With another new FIFA game comes another set of high potential Career Mode players you can lure to your teams. This year, there are many changes to FIFA 22 CM, making player potential and growth options more dynamic than ever. You can also create your club, which has been a long-awaited addition.

Can you buy FIFA 22 players?

First off, we’re going to be checking out players that you can buy with lower-league teams without resorting to a financial takeover. These FIFA 22 career mode players are proper bargains. They have high potential and will develop into behemoths in just a few seasons. You can cash them out or keep them in your starting 11 – the choice is all yours!

Can you quadruple the transfer sum you paid for a player?

Realistically speaking, that’s the best-case scenario as he’s not the type of player that you’ll be able to score many goals with.

Fabio Carvalho (67 OVR – 86 POT)

At 67 overall, Fulham’s star attacking midfielder has been given a staggering 86 potential, which makes him not only one of the Championship’s best prospects, but one of England’s best too.

Jayden Bogle (74 OVR – 85 POT)

Jayden Bogle is a name becoming more familiar to fans of English football after a season in the Premier League, and his 74 overall and 85 potential suggests he could be a recognisable figure across the continent if he continues to progress as a wing-back.

James Garner (69 OVR – 84 POT)

James Garner is one of Manchester United’s hidden weapons – he may only be a 69 overall and unable to break into their squads at the moment, but with Nottingham Forest at the start of Career Mode saves, he is set to achieve an 84 potential in-game and become a fixture in the Red Devils midfield.

Antwoine Hackford (59 OVR – 84 POT)

An emerging wonderkid in this year’s game, the 59 overall rated Hackford has bags of potential and his development towards his 84 potential will see his attributes dramatically skyrocket.

Morgan Rogers (66 OVR – 84 POT)

Manchester City’s Morgan Rogers has all the makings of a confident and physical winger with his 66 overall, and once he hits his 84 potential he will be consistently pushing for the prestigious left wing spot in the English national side.

Grady Diangana (74 OVR – 83 POT)

An explosive and highly skilful winger, the 74 overall rated Grady Diangana is one of England’s most dynamic attacking prospects with a solid 83 potential, who is aiming to rediscover his top form in England’s second tier at 23.

The Best Talents In FIFA 22

Kylian Mbappé is the king in FIFA 22's career mode once more. No player has as much potential as the Frenchman. You should definitely keep in mind that in FIFA 22, there is dynamic potential again.

FIFA 22: That's Why You Need Talents in Career Mode

If you want to build your team into a top long-term title contender, talents are definitely the best choice of players you can sign. Sure, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi bring a certain flair and help most teams immediately.

FIFA 22: How To Develop Your Talents And Increase The Potential

In order for your young professionals to reach their full potential, you need to train them. You can do this by training them regularly. Once a week, you can have up to three training sessions. However, make sure you don't just click on "yeah yeah, blah blah, just train".

FIFA 22: Youth Players in Career Mode

To sign really nice youth players, you have to invest some of your transfer budget in scouts. Scouting in FIFA 22 is, just like in the last years, the key to sign youth players with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, you'll have to spend some of your budget here.

Who is the best keeper in FIFA 22?

Inevitably it’s Liverpool rock Virgil van Dijk, on 89, one OVR point less than he was awarded in FIFA 21.

What is Messi's number in FIFA 22?

Fresh from a move from Barcelona to Paris which apparently netted him a £25 million signing-on fee, PSG’s new number 30 is looking to score a fifth Champions league winners medal during the upcoming campaign – and a sixth Ballon d’Or. Messi’s base gold card in FIFA 22 features 85 pace, 92 shooting, 91 passing and 95 dribbling, making this the third year running that he’s topped the digitised football charts.

How many dribblings does Mbappe have in FIFA 22?

A first appearance in the top five for football’s most famed wonderkid, despite a disappointing Euro 2020 campaign in which Mbappe missed the decisive spot kick against Switzerland. Not that a single gamer, French or otherwise, lucky enough to unearth this card in FIFA 22 will care: with 97 pace, 92 dribbling, 88 shooting and 80 passing it’s assured to remain meta for the entirety of the upcoming season.

Who is the only player in the top seven in the Premier League?

de Bruyne joins Ronaldo as the only two Premier League players in the top seven, although there are two more immediately outside it: Spurs and England captain Harry Kane (90) and all-action Chelsea midfielder N’golo Kante (also 90). A defending rating of 64 should prevent de Bruyne going meta, and those who do pick up the Belgian can enjoy attributes of 93 passing, 88 dribbling, 86 shooting, and 76 pace.

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