how much can i sell fifa 20 for

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What are FIFA 20 price ranges and quick sell values?

It’s important to mention that FIFA 20 Price Ranges and Quick Sell Values are different things. The first one defines a range of values for which you may sell or buy a card. The second determines a single coin value which will be credited in your club in case you decide to permanently discard your card.

How to buy a player in FIFA 20?

Choose a player by clicking on "PICK". Buy the player within a time window of 5 minutes. If you have bought the player with your FIFA Account, click on "Bought". Our system will check if the player has been bought. If the transaction is successful, the amount for the player in $ will be credited to your balance.

What affects player prices in FIFA 20 Fut?

FIFA player prices in FUT are affected by a number of factors. Supply and demand is obvious, the best players in the game have the highest price. However various things can change the prices of players. Performances in real life affect their demand. Also how good they are in FIFA, such as Ben Yedder who was amazing in FIFA 20.

Are FIFA 20 cards a good investment?

This way, the cards with a PRP (Price Range Percentage) above 95% are seen as good investments, especially if the player has high rating or plays in a popular league. You’ll get your return as soon as EA update the FIFA 20 price ranges and the market starts to react to that.


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Condition and Price

I bought this item about a month ago and I'm really happy with it. It may be used but the condition of it is like it is a new game. It also has a low price for this type of game. I'm really happy about this item and I don't regret purchasing it!

If you like Fifa...

Then you will like this game. Anyone who knows EA understands that changes to the format of the game are incremental each year, although if you love FIFA then this game is for you!

Nothing good in my opinon

Absolutely horrendous. The gameplay is slower than a snail. Players don't want to move around. The gameplay is extremely sluggish and slow. Same mistakes are occuring every single year and EA do not resolve this.

Career mode is broke. Gameplay is nerfed

Bought it on release, traded it in a few days later. Gameplay seems nerfed so that being a skilled player at Fifa no longer matters and its anyones game, especially online. This is most noticeable in keeping possession, which is more or less impossible over long stretches of play.

Waste of money

This is the perfect example of what not to do when making a football game. The stats on ultimate team are irrelevant, the market is terrible, the matchmaking is poor and the gameplay is horrid. Defenders with 54 pace will outrun a 93 pace striker no matter the headstart.

Waste of money

It's only a overpriced re-release with some stat changes .Besides the game will be worth £10 if that by next year. So do yourself a favour and please don't buy this sorry excuse for a game.

Can you find a card being auctioned for a price that's not within the predetermined price range

You will never be able to find a card being auctioned for a price that’s not within the predetermined price range. There are price ranges for all cards in the game, including the players, staff, consumables and club items. According to whatever EA sees fit, some of these FIFA 20 price ranges can be adjusted throughout the game.

Is FIFA 20 the same on PC?

According to whatever EA sees fit, some of these FIFA 20 price ranges can be adjusted throughout the game. However, mostly there will be standards. Which means that, for most cards, the price ranges are universal, so they tend to be the same on PC, XBox and PlayStation. You don’t have to go anywhere else to learn about your card’s price range.

Does FIFA 20 stay the same?

For the remaining 95%, the FIFA 20 price ranges tend to stay pretty much the same during the entire season, so you can consult tables to learn about the patterns.

how to sell fifa coins

At myDGN, we offer you three options to sell FIFA coins quickly and securely. There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a manual FIFA trader or have your own WebApp- or Console Bot. Selling FUT Coins via myDGN is easy, transparent and secure.

Player Auction

We use a system for Player Auction that works 100% safe for years. This system is from now on also available for manual use and is specifically developed for manual traders.

Comfort Trade

This option requires additional verification and is only offered to experienced suppliers. Here you get direct orders from customers in our Comfort Trade Panel. I.e. you get the customer account details and the order amount of FIFA Coins. After successful delivery, the value of the delivery will be credited to your balance in $.


The Origin of Price Ranges

Why were price ranges introduced? Price ranges are one of the game’s features that determine how much you can buy or sell cards on the transfer market. This feature wasn’t born with FIFA 20, but not everyone comprehends its purpose or what it was created for. We’ll try and clarify that. It was March of 2015 and, althou…
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FIFA 20 Price Ranges

  • What are they and what is their purpose? Have you ever tried setting a start price lower than 300 coins for a gold player card? You can’t do that, can you? You’re not really allowed to define your own price for your cards freely, not anymore. There are restrictions. You may sell them, but only if the price matches the predetermined range every single card has. That means you can’t set a pri…
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Price Ranges of All Cards

  • The predefined price range values As we’ve already said, the price ranges vary by card. However, in the beginning of the game, cards with similar overall rating and category tend to have the same price ranges. As the market develops itself, EA will release some updates. Although they give much more attention to the most important cards of the game. For the remaining 95%, the FIFA …
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  • Have price ranges ruined trading? Price ranges weren’t designed to help the traders. It’s quite the opposite, really. People who have been playing Ultimate Team for a long time are well aware of how difficult the job has become. However, in difficult times there’re always new opportunities. It is possible to use price ranges in order to make coins, and we’ll explain how. When the price of …
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